Hemp CBD Oil Extraction Services

Treasure Valley Extraction specializes in Hemp based CBD oil extraction solutions for wholesale distribution, brokers, and resellers and white labeling programs.

Hemp CBD
Oil Extraction

  • Full Spectrum Oil Processing

    High Volume Production
    • TVE has the ability to to produce high volume of raw CBD oil
    • High volume enable us to keep wholes costs down

    No Pressure Process
    • Whole plant extracts keep terpenes and cannabinoids in tack

    Cold Extraction
    • Clean Full-Spectrum oil with minimal plant material

    Food-Grade Alcohol Extraction
    • Kosher 190 proof alcohol used for extraction
    • Alcohol extraction maintains the entourage effect and keeps more terpenes in the finished oil

  • Oil Refinement

    Full-Spectrum Oil
    • This is the most raw form of hemp extract. The terpenes, plant fats and lipids, and phyto-cannabinoids remain present in the finished oil.

    • Through molecular distillation we purify the concentrate by removing the plant fats and lipids to create a pure oil.

  • CBD Isolate

    99%+ CBD Isolate
    • TVE Isolates the non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD) from the distillate to produce pure CBD product with 0% THC in the crystalline isolate.

  • Our Advantage

    The fact that every stage of our growing and extraction process is superior than typical CBD producers will tell you what you should expect.

    Hemp Cannabidiol, or hemp CBD oil, is currently being studied for its health benefits and TVE produces only the best hemp CBD oil. Treasure Valley Extraction ensures the integrity of every drop of hemp CBD oil through our exclusive “Triple Testing” to safeguard every TVE product is SAFE, ORGANIC and EFFECTIVE.

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  • Our Promise

    We gladly accept the responsibility placed on our company by our partners, and more importantly our customers, to provide a PREMIUM Hemp CBD oil product that can improve your health and lifestyle.

    “From Seed to Sale!” – isn’t just our motto, its our promise to deliver the very best Hemp CBD oil, and that’s a promise we live by every day.

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From Seed To Sale – We want to be a part of YOUR journey to wellness!