Treasure Valley Extraction (TVE) – Manufacturers of Premium Hemp CBD Oil

Treasure Valley Extraction is recognized as a premium producer of the finest organic Hemp based Cannabidiol, or hemp CBD oil available. TVE follows a meticulous quality control process. From the initial seed selection, through germination, transplanting, harvest, extraction, and finally delivery, we take great pride in providing only the best, raw CBD oil.

TVE Premium
Hemp CBD Oil

  • Seeds

    After years of study and research, TVE has been established as a premier producer, recognized internationally. Female seeds are inspected and selected. Then a unique, “natural coating” process is applied to ensure each seed the best opportunity to germinate and establish a “normal” root pattern for the seedlings. TVE is one of the very few companies to incorporate these additional measures to for each seed strain, ensuring a premium product from the start.

  • Seedlings

    TVE seeding meticulously cared for, nurtured and “babied”, in an indoor facility with precisely controlled lighting, temperature, soil and air conditions. Controlling all the growing conditions allows TVE to achieve superior quality, organic “starts” prepared for transplant for the next growing stage.

  • Farms

    Growing Cannabidiol enriched flowers, requires a carefully regimented program. TVE goes to great lengths to ensure seedlings thrive. We properly test and prepare soil prior to transfer. We space plants correctly to ensure each plant gets equal sun and water. TVE relegates outside containments so the resulting flowers are clean and organic at harvest. Farmers contracted with TVE share our values and goals and through these partnerships, together we produce plants with some of the highest effective potency of CBD in the world.

  • Extraction

    Upon completion of harvest, TVE uses state-of-the-art CO2 extraction equipment. All work is done inside a controlled clean room environment by experienced laboratory technicians that monitor each step in the process with exacting precision.

  • Our Advantage

    The fact that every stage of our growing and extraction process is superior than typical CBD producers will tell you what you should expect.

    Hemp Cannabidiol, or hemp CBD oil, is currently being studied for its health benefits and TVE produces only the best hemp CBD oil. Treasure Valley Extraction ensures the integrity of every drop of hemp CBD oil through our exclusive “Triple Testing” to safeguard every TVE product is SAFE, ORGANIC and EFFECTIVE.

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  • Our Promise

    We gladly accept the responsibility placed on our company by our partners, and more importantly our customers, to provide a PREMIUM Hemp CBD oil product that can improve your health and lifestyle.

    “From Seed to Sale!” – isn’t just our motto, its our promise to deliver the very best Hemp CBD oil, and that’s a promise we live by every day.

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From Seed To Sale – We want to be a part of YOUR journey to wellness!